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8th March 2018





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Mid-way between meetings

In May 2015 the bells of Westminster Abbey rang out just as we started our Annual Meeting. It wasn’t for us, of course, but it reminds us of how churches should be reaching out to everyone from north to south, from east to west.

The church magazine is one of the most important ways of passing our church news out to all our congregations but, perhaps even more important, to those who live within our parishes but don’t come to church.

We must never forget that some of these people may have attended church in the past but through illness or infirmity may be unable to come now. The magazine should still be there to keep them in touch with their church.

Others may be young parents with children for whom events at schools and other things in their lives sadly don’t leave time for church

With this in mind, our Association has started to look at ways in we can reach out to churches everywhere. Like all websites, our website is proving to be a way of telling the world about us. In May we welcomed Bee Kapitan to our meeting, all the way from Vancouver.

At the meeting she met Thelma Mitchell who runs a magazine in Rome. Magnhild Landro from Oslo has also joined us.

At our committee meeting in October we talked about ways of spreading our contacts right across the country. We feel that we are sufficiently well-established to start expanding.

So what will be looking for? People are the most important resource. We need people to manage local areas. We don’t want to tell them everything they should do. Every area is different so we hope that they can be run by people who know the area in which they live and would like to use this knowledge to help fellow editors spread the Christian word into their communities through their magazines.

It’s a thrilling job. A few years ago at one of our Annual Meetings the speaker was Peter Crumpler. He told us that the world of church magazines was one in which circulations were actually increasing. So as you read this, why not take it on board that you could play a role in an organisation that supports the growth of Christianity.

Last year’s Annual Meeting was fascinating. It was the seed from which our ideas are beginning to grow more than ever. The use of new technology to convey the Christian message meant that we talked about how to put church magazines on-line and how church magazine editors can use the Association’s website.

Would you like to join us and help us with our work? The Executive Committee will be delighted to provide you with the help you need, for instance designing and printing leaflets and supporting you in organising workshops.

To find out more about us, why not have a chat with either our chairman, John Farrow (01582) 759975, or our membership officer, Alan Rickards (01477) 534193. You may also e-mail them on john.farrow@outlook.com or acetreasurer@aol.com

Regional Meetings

Over the last few years, ACE has run a series of regional meetings and hands-on workshops.

More workshops are being planned. We will let you have details as soon as possible.

As well as advising members living reasonably close to any venues, we publish details on this website so that if anyone living much further away would like to attend they may contact the organisers and make a booking.

Click here to read about past workshops


Worcester 2017

What does the editor do?   

The Association for Church Editors exists to promote excellence in all these areas and more.

Available budgets determine the ultimate “quality” of the published document. Even so, as a result of the considerable dedication and creativity of our editors, we never cease to be amazed at the high standards achieved across the UK, and abroad.

The church magazine comes in a wide variety of formats, and each editor (or editorial team) will choose to focus on different priorities in terms of the purpose of the publication, its content and its cost. It is these priorities which will determine the format, presentation and frequency of the magazine.

Perhaps one of the toughest challenges is finding consistent and reliable ways of funding your publication. Many churches make a modest charge for their magazines, while others seek income from commercial advertising and are thus able to issue their publication free of charge.

What are the main issues to consider? Click here

Editors responsible for producing church magazines have to think about the interaction of everyone and everything associated with the magazine if it is to be a success. Among the most important considerations are to:

1. Provide accurate factual information

2. Remind readers of forthcoming activities and events

3. Communicate a Christian message

4. Educate and entertain readers

5. Provide a service to the church and local community

On top of all this is the hope that your magazine will look inviting and visually attractive to all its potential readers, and that it can be easily read.