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8th March 2018





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The Guardians of Ancora

We live in a digital age where reaching, attracting and retaining children is one of the biggest challenges facing the UK church. Scripture Union works with children on a daily basis, and knows this only too well. It especially has a heart for reaching out to children who wouldn’t normally be in touch with church in any way. But what could Scripture Union provide to help churches and parents that is both positive and Christian, when 8 to 11-year-olds just spend hours playing games on smartphones and tablets? The response was to create Guardians of Ancora,which is a world class, interactive and immersive smartphone and tablet game. And it’s free. It allows children to become a character in the story and learn through play, and offers them:

The game’s story is based on the fictitious world of Ancora. Ancora is in trouble, it’s light is fading because its stories about Jesus have been lost. Only the Guardians (the children) can put this right be going back 2000 years, capturing the stories and re-lighting Ancora’s Spire with them,

Further information on the website: www.guardiansofancora.com