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8th March 2018





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2016 – the largest Annual Meeting ever

Saturday 14th May and the sun definitely shone on ACE. A steady procession of our members made their way into the chapel at Westminster Central Hall where the Annual Meeting was being held. They came from the south of England and places in between as far north as Scotland.

That wasn’t all. Magnhild Landro, (right hand edge of photo on left) joined us from Oslo. Still further afield Bee Kapitan (left hand edge of photo on right) came all the way from Vancouver. Altogether there were over fifty people eagerly awaiting what was to come. From comments afterwards, the meeting was a successful and enjoyable one with plenty of tips for everyone.

Jo Swinney

There were three highlights to the day.

Jo Swinney, editor of “The Preacher” told us how to move from a blank sheet of paper to the final product. How many of us have got stuck along this road? Jo guided us from our vision for our magazine through planning, editing and design to the finished product.

No doubt what Jo had to say should have shown us how to overcome the little problems that we all face from time to time.

Here are her four steps to a successful magazine – vision, planning steps, editing and design. Follow these and you are more likely to stay on the right path.

Laura Treneer

Have you ever asked yourself “Does my magazine have impact?” No matter whether your answer is “yes” or “no” Laura’s journey along “Multiplying the Impact of you Church Magazine” obviously gave us much food for thought.

We were left to think about four main points

And the important point from both Jo and Laura: It is your magazine, you as the editor are in charge but there are important things like young person safeguarding that you need to discuss with your priest/minister

Finally, the committee was re-elected unanimously.

Changes were announced in March 2017 and in November 2017

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