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13th July 2018





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The Church Editors Awards and Annual Meeting 2018

Rev’d John Leach

Developing Discipleship Adviser and Trainer

Diocese of Lincoln

Don’t shoot the messenger!

2 Samuel 1

A case study for communication

What’s the story? King Saul is critically injured. He asks his armour bearer to finish him off. But does he?

The story about what happens next is told on two levels. It is structured with good detail but it is not boring. Try reading it. You will see it has human interest, tension and murder. It might be good stuff for your magazine. It’s up to you to decide.

What is the audience? Here the story teller makes an assumption about the audience. He misjudges. He doesn’t

tell the truth. He should have done his research.

What’s the purpose? Why are we telling this story is something that should always be asked. We need to work out how it fits into the strategy and resources of our church’s life.

What’s the spin? Saul is dead. I killed him. Spin is not necessarily bad. It can inevitable. Perhaps it helps to provide an answer to how God provides for us. Perhaps it is good. Perhaps it sets our church on fire!

What is the style? The medium, in other words church magazine, social media, e-mail, Internet, whatever it is it affects the way in which the story is told. How do we tell the good news is far more important than how we produce the magazine. We need to give our Church an up-to-date image.

Where’s the feedback? How do we know whether we our magazine is doing well? Growth is seen in churches that want to grow. There is no single recipe

Effective media can be on-line but only if there is high quality broadband. But us that where your audience would look for your news/ Then there are the Church website and Facebook. They are just two examples of what media we might do well to use.

What is the best way to get your magazine and its news out to the public? Can the dentist, the paper shop, the butcher, the doctor, the village café, the grocer, the baker or the vet help by letting you leave free copies on their counters or in their waiting rooms? Give it some thought. Give it a try.

We played to a full hall

Between 50 and 60 members came to meet us in Coventry

A great day for everyone

Many years ago at a conference run by the Royal Microscopical Society, the then chairman told the delegates that in his view the most important work was done not during the plenary sessions but at the bar and at lunchtime when we all chatted freely together On that basis alone this year’s. Church Editors Awards and Annual Meeting was a highly successful event.

But there was more to it than that. Everyone I spoke to said what a marvellous keynote speech John Leach gave us. There was something in it hitting the nail on the head for all of us present. And one or two non-members have joined us as a result. Anyone else thinking of joining will be more than welcome.

Let’s hope that 2019 will be an even greater event. As soon as we know the date and venue we will let you know so that you can keep the date free and come along. You may encourage your friends to come as well. Why not bring you priest or minister as well.