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8th March 2018





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Annual Meetings

Annual Meetings have a wonderful way of bringing people together. Often editors meet for the first time and discover they have much in common. Sometimes they discover they are working in churches not far away from each other. New friendships mean there is a friendly face to greet next year.

Annual Meeting 2013

Annual Meeting 2014

Annual Meeting AGM 2015

Awards 2015

Annual meeting photographs from Bee Kapitan 2015

Annual Meeting 2016

Awards 2016

An archive of ACE memories

The Flintergill Collection

Gordon Neal has been collecting church magazines from the earliest days. His collection now covers some 9000 magazines which is quite an achievement.

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Legal Deposit

Sally Churchus tells us what we should do with copies of our magazines so that we comply with Copyright Law.

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The Guardians of Ancora

The Guardians of Ancora is a world class, interactive and immersive smartphone and tablet game developed in conjunction with Scripture Union. It’s free. It allows children to become a character in the story and to learn about the Bible.

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These are usually run locally and are an opportunity for groups of members and non-members to come together and discuss aspects of church magazine editing, design and publication.

Lincoln 2014

Liverpool 2014