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8th March 2018





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Flintergill Collection now holds 10000 publications

The Flintergill Collection now holds 9000 church magazines as either paper copies or in a few cases, digital downloads. Included in the collection are 1200 different insets and counting these as separate publications means that the target of 10000 was reached with a margin to spare.

Gordon Neal has researched the history of church magazines going back over 150 years to when the first magazines was produced in Derby. As his ten year project reaches its conclusion, Gordon Neal is looking for somewhere to store the whole collection for the future, and indeed to allow it to be added to. So if you are still wondering what to do with that pile of old magazines stacked near your computer or under the bed, then why not offer one set to Gordon, or even the most recent issue or two.

Your help will also help Save the Children. So far the project’s challenge has raised £168 for Save the Children, increased to £210 by Gift Aid. Although Gordon Neal has ceased actively collecting church magazines I am sure he would welcome further copies, particularly if a long-term home can be found for them.

At the moment ACE does not know what the plans for storing this collection will be. Various avenues have been tried. Hopefully there will be soon be some positive news on this and also some news on what might happen in the future to continue collecting church magazines in this way. At the moment the British Library may be the eventual home.

This will be potentially of great value as statistics and other computerised analyses are carried out comparing subject matter and the different ways that the different denominations present their magazines.

If you wish donate magazines to the collection, please get in touch with Gordon Neal. His phone number is 01905 617494 and his e-mail address is gneal.log@btinternet.com.

Please continue to help if you possibly can. Thanks.