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8th March 2018





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Annual Meeting 2017

Another successful Annual Meeting with a good gathering of members and non-members. ACE Annual Meeting are beginning to be recognised as a place where editors meet for the first time and discover they have much in common. Sometimes they discover they are working in churches not far away from each other. New friendships mean there is a friendly face to greet next year.

Photographs of the Annual Meeting 2017

Photographs of the Award winners 2017

News from ACE

The ACE Awards 2018

Are you ready to send in your entries for the 2018 Awards? We are already planning the awards which will be presented at the Annual Meeting in Coventry on Saturday 5th May 2918.

Click here for full details of the Awards

Flintergill Collection

Report on the final collection

The Guardians of Ancora

Scripture Union’s digital game for children and young people

Information on the Guardians of Ancora

Workshop 2017

The Workshop in Worcester was a great success. Please follow this link for further information

Worcester Workshop 2017

Church Editors Awards and Annual Meeting 2018

Plans are in-hand for this year’s Church Editors Awards and Annual Meeting which will be held in Coventry. This link will take you to the latest news.

Latest news on the Annual Meeting 2018